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We offer a variety of thrill seeking activities such as Kitesurfing lessens, Surfing lessens, surf trip ,downwind & adventurous group activity days. With such a range of activities available, we know we can help you find a new passion, but most of all enjoy learning something fun and exciting!

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"Surf like a pro with our expert instructors, top equipment, and stunning destinations."

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Try kitesurfing with our experts and premium equipment for an exhilarating experience.


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At SEscape Kitesurfing , we are not just another surf school; we are your gateway to an extraordinary surfing experience. Here's why choosing us is your best decision

Tailored Learning

Customized surfing lessons for all skill levels, from basics to advanced."

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Our team of certified instructors are experienced surfers who live and breathe the sport. Learn from the best."

Safety First

Surf safely and confidently with our quality gear, experienced guides, and safety protocols."


We'll always price match to make sure you've got the right experience at the best price.


Experience Moroccan Surfing Paradises.

Visit our surf school in Essaouira, Essaouira for the ultimate surf experience in Morocco. Our team of experts guarantees the best surf spots for all abilities, immersing you in the culture and beauty of the area. Experience the thrill of riding the waves while connecting with nature and exploring unique surf spots. We want to create an unforgettable experience for you that ignites your passion for the ocean. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover the incredible beauty of Morocco through surfing. Join us for an unforgettable surf adventure today!

Enhance Your Moroccan Getaway with Extra Activities

Maximize your Moroccan vacation with a wide range of activities beyond surfing in Essaouira. Immerse yourself in Moroccan culture by visiting souks, going on hikes, riding camels, quads and horses, and cooking traditional Moroccan dishes. At Escape Kitesurfing , we ensure an extraordinary holiday experience with beachside barbecues, local restaurant flavors, and rejuvenating Hamams. Experience all that Morocco has to offer with us and create unforgettable memories.


Go kitesurfing in Morocco for an exhilarating experience!

Experience the ultimate kitesurfing adventure in renowned Essaouira with Escape Kitesurfing . Our seasoned instructors cater to all skill levels, from beginner to advanced, in the secure and sheltered bay. Take advantage of flat water spots or ride the waves to sharpen your expertise. When not kitesurfing, delve into the lively old Medina for an unforgettable holiday. Join us in Essaouira for a breathless experience!

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Join our family land discover Morocco's captivating waves. With over 30 positive reviews, our satisfied customers speak for us.

Jennifer R.

Escape Kitesurfing turned my adventure into pure excitement! Exceptional instructors and breathtaking locations in Essaouira made every moment unforgettable.

Emma M

Escape Kitesurfing offered exciting surfing lessons, Medina exploration, and cultural activities, with high safety standards. An unforgettable holiday experience.

David S

"Escape Kitesurfing : Personalized surf instruction, high-quality gear, incredible spots, and great community. Recommended for experienced surfers."
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